For Students

For Students (New!)

  • If you are interested in a one-on-one, informal, meeting with an Acoustical Oceangraphy Technical Committee Member at the upcoming ASA meeting please contact Dr. Andone Lavery at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, who will make arrangements. The goal is to facilitate communication between AO students and AO TC members about current and future research projects, funding and employment opportunities, collaborations, career advice, or any other topic of interest. Every effort to honor specific requests will be made (with no guarantees). Please provide your name, university, department, degree you are seeking (BS, MS, or PhD), research field, acoustical interests, your supervisor’s name, days you are free to meet, and any specific requests.
  • Please attend the Acoustical Oceanography Technical Committee Meetings! Your participation is valued.
  • If you are a current ASA Acoustical Ocenography student member and you interested in maintaining the web site, please volunteer!