Acoustical Oceanography Technical Committee Members

Chair: Andone Lavery

Chair: Andone Lavery


Term to 2017

David Barclay

Christopher Bassett

Grant Deane

David Dowling

Timothy Duda

Paul Hines

Wu-Jung Lee

Timothy Leighton

Ying-Tsong Lin

Jennifer Miksis-Olds

Eva Marie Nosal

Dajung Tang

Thomas Weber

Preston Wilson

Term to 2016

Rex Andrew

Megan Ballard

Kyle Becker

Ross Chapman

Kevin Cockrell

Jon Collis

Jan Dettmer

Orest Diachok

Brian Dushaw

Peter Gerstoft

Kevin Heaney

Bruce Howe

Jim Lynch

Tony Lyons

Jim Mercer

Gopu Potty

Karim Sabra

Term to 2015

Mohsen Badiey

Michael Buckingham

Ching-Sang Chiu

Dezhan Chu

John Colosi

Stan Dosso

Kenneth Foote

Andone Lavery

Zoi Heleni Michalopoulou

Jeffrey Nystuen

Ben Reeder

Tim Stanton

Aaron Thode

Jorge Quijano

Former Chairs:

Martin Siderius Term 2010-2013 Background

James H. Miller Term 2007-2010 Background