Special Sessions — Acoustical Oceanography Committee

Upcoming ASA Meetings:

Session 176,  Winter (November) 2019 — San Diego, CA

  • Marine-Seismo-Acoustics and T-phases
  • Bioacoustics and AO: 20 years later
  • Observational Acoustical Oceanography: A look at enabling technology from academia and industry
  • Special Session in Honor of Michael Buckingham 

Session 175,  Spring (May) 2019 — Louisville, KY

  • Future directions in Acoustical Oceanography

Past ASA Meetings:

Session 174,  Fall (November) 2018 — Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

  • Arctic Acoustical Oceanography
  • Experimental Assessment of Theories of Sound Propagation in Sediments
  • Machine Learning and Data Science Approaches in Ocean Acoustics
  • Ocean Observatories: Laboratories for Acoustical Oceanography

Session 173,  Spring (May) 2018 — Minneapolis, Minnesota

  • Acoustics in Naturally Constrained Environments: Estuaries, Bays, Inlets, Fjords and Rivers
  • Acoustic Seabed Characterization
  • Ambient Noise Oceanography in Polar Regions: Noise Properties and Parameter Estimation

Session 173,  Fall (November) 2017 — New Orleans, Louisiana

  • Oceanographic Contributions to the Characteristics and Variability of the Underwater Soundscape
  • Acoustic Scattering from Hydrocarbons and Hydrothermal Vents
  • Biological Effects on Seabed Geoacoustic Properties

Session 173,  Spring (May) 2017 — Boston, Massachusetts

  • Session in Honor of David Farmer
  • Acoustic Measurements of Sediment Transport and Near-Bottom Structures
  • Acoustics and Acoustic Ecology of Benthic Communities
  • Tools and Methods for Ocean Mapping

Session 172,  Fall (November) 2016 — Honolulu, Hawaii

  • Twenty-Five Years of Acoustical Oceanography in the ASA
  • Ocean Acoustic Tomography: Active and Passive, Theory and Experiment
  • Acoustic Scattering by Aquatic Organisms

Session 171,  Spring (May) 2016 — Salt Lake City, Utah

  • Acoustic Consistency of Ocean Models
  • Noise Impacts from the Industrialization of the Outer Continental Shelf and High Seas
  • Acoustical Oceanographic Tools for the Study of Marine Ecosystems

Session 170,  Fall (November) 2015 — Jacksonville, Florida

  • Acoustics of High Latitude Oceans
  • Passive-Acoustic Inversion Using Sources of Opportunity

Session 169,  Spring (May) 2015 — Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

  • Acoustics of Fine Grained Sediments: Theory and Measurements
  • Minutes

Session 168,  Fall (October) 2014 —Indianapolis, Indiana

  • Education in Acoustical Oceanography and Underwater Acoustics: The current state of education programs in Acoustical Oceanography and Underwater Acoustics, including, but not limited to, papers that address past and current enrollment, range, depth, scope of courses, and funding for graduate students.
  • Parameter Estimation in Environments that Include Out-of-Plane Propagation Effects: Techniques to estimate parameters of the environments, including, but not limited to, geoacoustic properties of the seabed and water column, bathymetric slopes, and source location in waveguides that induce out-of-plane propagation effects caused by horizontal refraction of sound.
  • Minutes

 Session 167,  Spring (May) 2014 — Providence, Rhode Island

  • Using Acoustics to Study Fish Distribution and Behavior
  • Minutes

 Session 166,  Fall (December) 2013 — San Francisco, California

  • Acoustics for Cabled Observatories
  • Properties, Trends, and Utilization of Ocean Noise
  • Minutes

 Session 165,  Spring (June) 2013 — Montreal, Canada

  • Estuarine Acoustics
  • Seismic Oceanography
  • Ocean Acoustic Tomography
  • Minutes

 Session 164,  Fall (October) 2012 — Kansas City, Missouri

  • Memorial Session in Honor of Clarence S. Clay
  • Minutes

 Session 163,  Spring (May) 2012 — Hong Kong, China

  • New technologies for monitoring fish — Active and Passive
  • Minutes

 Session 162,  Fall (October) 2011 — San Diego, CA

  • Acoustic Bottom Characterization and Subbottom Imaging Including Buried Objects: Steven Schock’s pioneering research on chirp sonar bottom characterization and subbottom imaging including buried objects.
  • Van Holliday Memorial: commemoration for Dr. D. Van Holliday, his life and his scientific contributions.
  • Honoring the work of Steve Schock, his work on acoustic bottom characterization and sub-bottom imaging
  • Minutes

 Session 161,  Spring 2011 — Seattle, WA

  • Ocean Observing Systems: Acoustical Observations and Applications : Passive and active acoustic methods can be employed for long-term, sustained observations of physical, chemical, and biological processes with Global and Regional Ocean Observing Systems. Such observations offer valuable, unique information about the state of the oceans not obtainable by other means. Modest, cost-effective instruments can be shared to serve a variety of multidisciplinary purposes.
  • Integrating Ocean and Acoustic Observations with Models: Results from both the forward and inverse problems in acoustics can be significantly improved by the inclusion of information in ocean models be they physical, oceanographic , geologic or biologic. Concentration is on the combination of acoustics with ocean models at all frequencies and ocean scales.
  • Minutes

 Session 160,  Fall 2010 — Cancun, Mexico

  • Acoustics of Fish Schools and Bubble Clouds: Experimental evidence and theoretical descriptions of low frequency resonances associated with fish schools and other wave induced bubble clouds, organized by Orest Diachok
  • Remote Sensing with Ambient Noise: Using noise and interferometric methods to obtain information about the environment, organized by Peter Gerstoft and Martin Siderius
  • Minutes

 Session 159,  Spring 2010 — Baltimore, MD

  • Acoustics in Polar Environments, Organized and chaired by Jennifer Miksis-Olds and Ann Bowles
  • Impact of Shallow Water Acoustic Propagation by Linear Internal Waves and Neutrally Buoyant Intrusions, Organized and chaired by DJ Tang and David Bradley
  • Minutes

 Session 154,  Fall 2007 — New Orleans, LA

  • Deep and shallow seismic sensing of geological structure in the ocean bottom:
    Applications of seismic methods to investigate geophysical processes and geological structure in the ocean bottom.
  • Storms and intense air-sea interactions:
    Passive and active acoustic remote sensing of the physical processes in storms and intense air-sea interactions.

 Session 153,  Spring 2007 — Salt Lake City, UT

  • Acoustic sensing of the ocean and seabed using gliders and AUVs
    Organized by Jim Lynch (Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution).
  • Acoustics of bubble clouds:
    Organized by Grant Deane (Marine Physical Laboratory, UCSD).
  • Hank Medwin Memorial Session: Organized by Mike Buckingham, David Farmer, and Van Holliday

 Session 152,  Fall 2006 — Honolulu, HI

  • Acoustic scattering by aquatic organisms
    Organized by Ken Foote (Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution) and Masahiro Furusawa from the Acoustical Society of Japan.
  • Ocean acoustic tomography for coastal and deep water applications:
    Organized by Jim Mercer (Applied Physical Laboratory, Seattle) and Arato Kaneko from the Acoustical Society of Japan.

 Session 151,  Spring 2006 — Providence, RI

  • Exploitation of sound by marine mammals:
    Marine mammals are sophisticated users of sound, both self generated and the surrounding ambient. This session features research that shows examples of this behavior.
  • Ultra-low and low frequency marine seismo-acoustics:
    Focus is on acoustic sensing of natural seismic phenomena such as tsunamis, earthquakes and ocean storm events.

Session 150, Fall 2005 — Minneapolis, MN

  • Ocean ecosystem measurement:
    Use of acoustics to determine the abundance, distribution, and behavior of marine organisms in relation to their environment.
  • Inversion using ambient noise sources:
    Inversion techniques for estimation of ocean environments using natural and man-made noise as sound sources.

Session 149, Spring 2005 — Vancouver, BC

  • Riverine Acoustics
  • Acoustics and ocean observatories:
    Science results and development efforts related to sustained ocean observing, in all fields from physics to biology.

Session 148, Fall 2004 — San Diego, CA

  • Acoustic characterization of the benthic habitat.
  • Acoustic sensing of internal waves. (Joint with Underwater Acoustics)

Session 147, Spring 2004 — New York, NY

  • D. Van Holliday special session on acoustical measurements of marine organisms. (Joint with Animal Bioacoustics)
  • Ocean acoustics of earthquakes.

Session 146, Fall 2003  — Austin, TX

  • Aubrey L. Anderson memorial session on acoustics of gas-bearing sediments. (Joint with Underwater Acoustics)
  • Developments in multibeam sonar for water-column measurements.

Session 145, Spring 2003 — Nashville, TN

  • Bioacoustic resonance spectroscopy:
    Backscattering and absorptivity at resonance frequencies of the swim bladders of fish, lungs of marine mammals, and air chambers of plankton and other marine life. (Joint with Underwater Acoustics)
  • Geoacoustic inversions:
    General inversion techniques to characterize the bottom geoacoustic environment. (Joint with Underwater Acoustics and Signal Processing in Acoustics)