lavery_andone_c_27353Andone Lavery

Chair, Acoustical Oceanography Technical Committee

Term 2013-2016

Dr. Lavery is currently an Associate Scientist at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI). She joined WHOI in 1999 as a Postdoctoral Scholar after earning her Ph.D. from Cornell Univeristy that same year. Throughout her career she has been on numerous oceanographic cruises, and published a substantial number of refereed articles. She also currently teaches a course at WHOI/MIT in Wave Scattering by Rough Surfaces and Randomly Inhomogeneous Media.

Dr. Lavery’s research is in the area of acoustical oceanography, that is, studying the physics and biology of the ocean, and their interactions, through the use and development of acoustic techniques. The specific areas of research that she is involved in include 1) acoustic scattering by marine organisms, such as zooplankton, micronekton, fish, and squid, 2) acoustic scattering from physical process that occur in the ocean interior, such as oceanic microstructure, turbulence, double-diffusion, and internal waves, 3) development of broadband scatterign techniques, and 4) acoustic propagation in highly turbulent environments, environments characterized by dense bubble clouds, the impact of these physical processes on the propagation of mid- and high-frequency sound in shallow coastal environments, and implications to acoustic communications.


Ph.D. 1999, Physics, Cornell University
M.S. 1995, Physics, Cornell University
M.Math. 1992, Cambridge University, England
B.A. Honors 1991, Mathematics, Cambridge University, England

Mailing Address:

Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
Department of Applied Ocean Physics & Engineering
Bigelow 211, MS #11,Woods Hole, MA 02543-1053




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