MillerJames H. Miller

Former Chair, Acoustical Oceanography Technical Committee

Term 2007-2010

Dr. Miller is Professor of Ocean Engineering and Oceanography at the University of Rhode Island and conducts research and teaches courses in sonar systems engineering, acoustic signal processing, underwater acoustics, marine bio-acoustics, ocean data analysis, modeling, and underwater vehicle design. He has spent the last few years developing Long Range Sediment Tomography as a technique to rapidly estimate the properties of the ocean bottom. His interests include 3D acoustic propagation in shallow water and the effects of sea surface waves on acoustic normal modes.

He has done work on the effects of ocean noise on marine animals. In addition to ocean acoustics, he has been recently been dabbling in climate data analysis. He is a certified SCUBA Diver, licensed Private Pilot, and, over the last few years, spent months at sea on a number of oceanographic research vessels including the R/Vs LC, Endeavor, Knorr, Melville, Revelle, Shi Yan 2 and 3, OR-2, Pt. Sur, Pt. Lobos, Shana Rae, Quest, CT-1, and the USNS Bartlett. He often contributes to the ocean engineering blog.

Dr. Miller is a Fellow of the Acoustical Society of America and a Senior Member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers.


B.Sc.: Worcestor Poilytechnic Institute

MS : Stanford


Mailing Address:

Department of Ocean Engineering

University of Rhode Island


RI 02882



Former Chairs:

Andone Lavery, Term 2013-2016 Background

Martin Siderius, Term 2010-2013 Background

James H. Miller, Term 2007 – 2010 Background

N. Ross Chapman, Term 2004 – 2007

Peter F. Worcester, Term 2001 – 2004

James F. Lynch, Term 1998 – 2001

Michael J. Buckingham, Term 1992 – 1995

Herman Medwin, Term 1989 – 1992


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